Ideas that get killed are a natural by-product of advertising agencies, either because they’re not right for the client or because they are too ambitious. However, in recent months more and more agencies have begun to work on side projects, which allow them to resurrect these ideas or to experiment with non-ad ventures. Planner Griffin Farley has named this ‘fringe planning’ and explained the concept in his awesome slideshare deck.

PlayStation’s theatrical experience And Darkness Descended is designed to promote the launch of new game Resistance 3, and will place participants in a ravaged London, challenging the audience to find the last pocket of human resistance in the aftermath of a brutal Chimeran invasion, and get a message to Joseph Capelli, the hero of the game.
Participants race around the darkness of Waterloo’s tunnels, where they are constantly shocked and suprised in the race to evade attackers and get out in one piece.
Lighting, sounds and smells in the experience are all inspired by the game, with players required to work together to continue for as long as possible, echoing the collaborative multi-player elements in the game.

As part of the ad campaign, Haute Cuisine Hate Cuisine, for Marmite, British television comedian and journalist, Dom Joly, is starring in a few cooking videos. Joly promises to teach how to “smash this bad boy into the park” in high-energy videos. Ranging from ‘Marmite Mushrooms’ to ‘Onion Buttys’, they’re great fun to watch!

Garanti Bank, one of the biggest banks in Turkey, wanted more of its clients to use online banking. Over the years they had acquired 1.6 million users but they were stuck at that number. Despite all the big budget TV campaigns, the number wasn’t increasing. Using the bank’s database, the agency found the names, numbers and email addresses of those customers who weren’t using the online service and tailored individual video/mobile campaigns to each of them. Check it out!

Laundry is a very low engagement category so in order to create some interest, Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm teamed up with B-Reel & Atomgruppen, to create a socially controlled stain squirting robot installation. It was set up at Stockholm Central Station with revolving white clothing. The aim of the game is that if you ‘aim & stain’ then you win the item, freshly washed by Ariel of course. However, the twist is that the game was entirely controlled via a Facebook app. Very clever.