After moving house, I learnt the hard way not only how heartbreaking, but also how expensive losing a pet can be.  When Princess Audrey ran away, she cost close to five-thousand dollars in vet bills (and a bit more for the pet detective and direct mail campaign) – and I’m guessing she is now the most expensive 3-legged domestic tabby in Australia. That’s why I can really see the value of the new GPS tracking systems that are being designed to keep tabs on your pets and help you find them when they go wandering. They’re so clever, they can even ‘text’ you when your pet leaves your home. Every pet owner should have one.

Lovers of digital can discover what’s hot and what’s not in 2013 – with Founder and CEO of Mashable giving his top-tips for digital trends in 2013. Some of the highlights and themes include news aggregation apps, magazine apps, thinking beyond the iPad, social gestures, TV everywhere, second screen experiences, TV and movie marketing apps and social music to name a few. Definitely worth watching.

The company Autonomy may only have a cult following at the moment, but once you discover some of the tres-cool work that they’re doing, you’ll be converted too. At the Techonomy 2011 conference, Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch wowed the audience – with Cnet.com reporting that Lynch had an assistant hold up poster-size images – an ad for a Harry Potter move, a front page of a newspaper, a static ad. Lynch then pointed a phone camera at the images and, one by one, they came to virtual life. In each case, the device would pick up a familiar pattern and transform the image. Suddenly, a scene from Harry Potter was playing on the iPad, the page of a newspaper updated to a current story and became a video presentation, and a man walked out of the ad to explain the product. The magic happens within the device, he stressed – there’s no need for a website. “It’s a whole new way of dealing with information,” said Lynch. “Every object becomes interactive. If you like a wine, you point your phone at it and someone comes out form the wine bottles and tells you about it and where you can buy it.” It’s also easy to see how, like language tools such as Siri’s capabilities will change the way we search for products because text suddenly becomes unnecessary.

You can watch TV shows on your iPad, get blue-tooth enabled billboards, watch video on mobile and soon you might be able to watch your favourite radio station on your TV. Radioplayer, an aggregation service is developing ways for radio stations to offer live, simultaneous video content and ads that would be connected to TV’s. Radioplayer UK MD Michael Hill told new media age “We want to encourage stations to think about synchronised visual radio ads, for example, so that if a competition that is mentioned by an advertiser or a sponsor is talked about on air, there is visual synchronisation on screen,” he said. “It will be the clever [radio] commercial groups that see the opportunities and snap them up,” he said.

It’s easy to find Hollywood Celebs to follow on Twitter, it’s much harder to find people who are actually interesting – that’s why I enjoyed this list published in Foreign Policy, a magazine and website dedicated to global politics and economics. It’s a comprehensive list of top global leaders who are active on twitter in 2011 – and worth taking a look at.
*If you like foreign policy