Fresh Impressions on Brand Logo’s (from a 5 year old).
Here is a true and unbiased reflection on the power of good design and the Brands even a 5 year old has a relationship with. This is both adorable and some of the most authentic research out there. A quick heads up, your logo should be a cheetah!

Get real time crowdsourced weather forecasts with this new social app.
As you may have noticed, forecasts (iPhone weather) are often wrong, making you unprepared for the rare occasion Sydney is sunny (I digress). Metwit is an app that allows you to tweet or Facebook update the weather at your current location and broadcasts it to the world. Real time weather, by real people. Goodbye Siri!

Facebook loyalty program is changing the face of customer rewards.
Could this be the missing ingredient that’s been needed to connect social media to the offline sales? Plink has launched a Facebook-credits based loyalty program that rewards Facebook users for dining at national chain restaurants.
Nice loyalty scheme using a currency that growing more and more popular.

Is this the future of price checking? KLM uses Twitter to get flyers the cheapest fare.
Usually, to find tickets online you need to visit an airline’s website, select the place you’d like to travel to, the date, the one-way or return options, the number of guests… and I am bored just writing about the process.
KLM allow you to tweet them at @KLMFares to get the price of the ticket in 1 minute. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself…

An app that is changing behaviour for safe sex
To help promote safe sex a Swedish agency handed out 50,000 condoms to young adults that were embedded with a unique QR code. When the barcode is scanned, it installs an app on your smartphone that can measure factors of your love making session such as sound, duration and rhythm. Each time the app is initiated, it reminds the user to put on a condom first before beginning a new session.
After each session, the stats are aggregated by the app and the user can choose to share and compare the results with other uploaded profiles.