Thredup.com, the new Netflix for baby clothes
Here’s a new startup leveraging social sharing technology where mums can buy, sell and share their outgrown children’s clothes for as low as $9.00 a box.
Mums helping mums through social, love it!

A foolproof way to set up your new mobile phone
Here’s a brilliant idea that taps into the insight (especially with the older generations) that people are frustrated by the difficulties of setting up a new phone, and as a result will only use a limited set of functions.
Using a familiar learning model, books where created not only to act as packaging but provide the entire learning experience. The phone sits in the book and each turn of the page reveals exactly what you need to do in order to set up your new phone. Brilliant.

Red Hot Interactive music video by the Chilli Peppers
The new Red Hot Chilli Peppers interactive music video creates an immersive experience that lets you find hidden content, gain exclusive access and scroll through different rooms to watch the elements you prefer. The Chilli Peppers want to give you an experience moving from the world of engagement (watch a video) to the world of immersion (I control the video).

Siri sings lead vocals on new Flaming Lips song
The Flaming Lips (an American indie rock band) have released a new song featuring Siri as lead vocals. The track ‘Now I Understand’ also features Erykah Badu and Biz Marke. Since its release on Soundcloud a little over a week ago, the song has earned over 100,000 downloads. It’s creepy and cool rolled into one.

An app that controls your dreams
Would you like to be able to control the dreams you have at night? Get rich, fly, or have a fling during your dream all thanks to a new app, the Yumemiru. The app uses the microphones in your smart phones to detect when you enter REM sleep. At that stage a soundtrack begins stimulating your selected dream. The app also promotes frictionless sharing to share your dreams via social channels.