Hyundai uses hypnosis to sell cars
The “online hypnosis experiment” is a 15 minute immersive video that slowly puts you under hypnosis allowing you to experience the new Hyundai i30 in a completely new light (YouTube Link). They have used the ‘world famous’ hypnotist Peter Powers to bring this to life. Naked performed a similar hypnosis experiment for a brand some years ago, hypnotizing people to fall in love with clothing brand ‘Golf Punk’.

Connect your brand with influential Instagram users
Instagrid Network is an advertising platform that connects brands with influential Instagram users. It gives Instagram users a mode to monetize their creations, while giving brands a way to connect with users that influence the trendy platform. It’s all about the influencers – and new social media platforms keep on throwing up a new bunch of them.

Barclay’s launches the first social credit card
Turns out you don’t need to be a numbers guru to get into the credit card business. The ‘Ring Card’ by Barclaycard US is the first social credit card to be designed and built through the power of community crowdsourcing, and comes with the opportunity for cardholders to shape and share in the product’s financial success. A great example of ‘end user innovation’.

Passive location based apps SXSW belle of the ball
The biggest trend at SXSW this year is what can be described as passive location-based apps and services. These apps give context to the typical location-based app model, telling users about relevant people (based on mutual friends and interests) in the vicinity and offering a way to connect with those users. Check out Glancee to see this in action.

Picle: Telling stories with photos and sound clips
Your memories are made up of pictures with the sounds and smells that accompany them. This app allows you to take a photo and capture ten seconds of audio at the same time. Why limit your photos to only your baby smiling? But now you can capture the laugh as well. We love this.