LG launches the first flexible E-reader
LG is set to launch an e-reader this week in Europe that is light, thin and FLEXIBLE. The new electronic paper display (EPD) can bend up to 40 degrees and is half the weight of a Kindle. EPD can also be used for advertising, in store display or anything else where traditional rigid displays may not be practical.

Immersive street stories by The Guardian
Here’s a great way for a newspaper to show its local expertise of cities in a way that caters to the change in media consumption and behaviour. The Guardian has unveiled its latest innovation for mobile; ‘Street Stories’. It’s an audio street guide, but it allows you the freedom to wander as you please instead of following a direct route, triggering audio stories and information via GPS as you reach particular places.

Pay friends by bumping mobile phones
Developers of the popular contact-sharing app Bump recently released a new standalone iOS app called Bump Pay that lets you transfer money via PayPal to anyone in arm’s reach. All you need to do is bump iPhones together and the selected amount of money will be transferred to your friend. Although bump technology is this apps biggest draw card, it could also be its biggest limitation for future growth, as you must have physical contact to share funds unlike competitor apps such as Venmo.

Wall-mounted printers create physical photos from Instagram feeds
Check out this great innovation that brings your instagram photos into the physical world, feeding into the desire for tangible mementos. A small wall-mounted wireless printer prints your instagram pics when you tag them via location or #hashtag. You can imagine this festivals, influencer functions, launch events… it’s already on order for this year’s Grammy’s.

3D projection mapping on a human face
Samsung Portugal launched a video this week showing one of the better projection mapping projects we’ve seen – 3D Projection taking place on a human face. The video gas already racked up nearly 300,000 views. It looks amazing, you don’t even realize it’s advertising (until you get to the end frame) and looks amazing.